I enjoy

  • Full stack rapid prototyping
    • I make functional prototypes.
    • I design and fabricate mechanical parts and electronics, figure out the math, and write software for your crazy innovative thing.
  • Machine building
    • IOT gizmo (sensing, data logging, network)
    • Wearable/AR/VR buzzwords (sensing, localization, haptic feedback)
    • Autonomous vehicles (guidance, navigation, control)
    • Manufacturing equipment / Medical equipment / etc
    • Art

I can do

  • PCB design + prototype + debug + manufacture
  • Robotics math (kinematics, dynamics, modeling, control, navigation, etc)
  • Software development for custom robots
  • Real time embedded software development (not just arduino)
  • CAD + CAM + CNC machining + 3d printing + other machine shop skills
  • Passionate novice in machine learning

My favorite tools

  • EDA/PCB design: Altium Designer
  • CAD+CAM: Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Programming+Math: Python, NumPy and friends, MATLAB, embedded C
  • Documentation: LaTeX, Jupyter Notebook
  • Git
  • Linux


email i@xks.im

phone 508-233-3230

I am not a US citizen, and I loathe human-killing machines